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Regulations for special entry to the Lapponian Herder or Finnish Lapponian Dog breed register (effective as of 29 Oct, 2005)

The breed registers of the Lapponian Herder and Finnish Lapponian Dog are still open. New stock from unregistered parentage can be admitted to the breed registers at the Finnish Kennel Club's discretion. The application is always initiated by the Lapphund Club of Finland upon the dog owner's request.

Criteria for a special entry

A special entry to the breed register can be granted to non Finnish Kennel Club registered working stock that live in the area of reindeer husbandry. In practice this means herding dogs owned by reindeer farmers as well as the first-generation progeny of those dogs. The intention of this process is not to produce a loophole for the registration of otherwise non-eligible dogs.

Process in a nutshell

The owner of the dog must contact the breeding committee of the Lapphund Club of Finland and submit details of the dog and its background, preferably accompanied with a photograph. Provided that the committee accepts the application, two conformation judges appointed by the club examine the dog, and if they think that the dog is typey enough, the Lapphund Club of Finland sends a letter of recommendation to the Finnish Kennel Club, who then makes the final decision.

The dog must be microchipped and it will be put into a special register (the so called ER register), which makes the dog eligible to attend dog shows and trials, however, it cannot be awarded a CACIB or an International Champion title. Its first-, second- and third-generation progeny will remain in the ER register, whereas the four-generation progeny will have a full three-generation pedigree and are therefore eligible for the regular FIN register.

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