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Swedish Lapphund Pompe status

The Pompe disease (Glycogen storage disease type II) gene test results of Swedish Lapphunds are listed in the table below. Click on the dog's name to see its details in KoiraNet (Finnish Kennel Club online database). Below is a key to the abbreviations used in the tables.

If you want your dog's Pompe disease test result to appear on the Lappalaiskoirat ry website, please submit the laboratory result by email to Make sure you include the names and registration numbers of your dog’s parents as well.


   UPDATED 17.2.2014
   N = Normal
   n = Normal by parentage
   B = Carrier
   C = At risk or Affected
   * = New result
   Uusi = New result
   Uros/Narttu = Dog/Bitch
   Isä = Sire
   Emä = Dam

Uusi Uros / Narttu Virallinen nimi Rek.nro Tulos Isä Emä
* Narttu Adtji S51859/2003 Normaali Thulenstjärnans Vilhelm Conqueror Kristallens Iisa
* Uros Cahppés Alpin S25719/2004 Normaali Sabmebaena Ravdi Cahppés Skilla
* Uros Care Bears Fun Cool Caamos 17762/11 Normaali Fiderbyns Cearru Care Bears Sun Fennica
* Uros Care Bears Moon Shadow 58504/08 Normaali Care Bears Star Gate Lorendale Caila
* Uros Care Bears Star Night 13944/02 Normaali Raidis Tyson Care Bears North Star
* Narttu Care Bears Sun Shine 48956/04 Normaali Sörlandets Banji Care Bears Star Bright
- Narttu Herding Instinct´s Divan Nemi 53332/05 Normaali Cahppes Råstojaure Herding Instinct´s Adina
- Narttu Little Honeys Darfi 19967/01 Normaali Little Honeys Apmasofakkosson Norrviddens Saska
- Narttu Sidmarkens Cilla 42360/06 Normaali Björnbodas Tellas Renlundens Jänta
* Uros Skierfe SE17369/2010 Normaali Norrviddens Tjuorek Adtji
* Narttu Skårki SE17370/2010 Normaali Norrviddens Tjuorek Adtji
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