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Information about Lapphund Club Of Finland Specialty show

Dear Exhibitors

If you have entered your dog to the Lapphund Specialty Show, which was originally dated 29.3.2020. The exhibition has been moved, the new date is 3.10.2020.

The dogs entered for the show, their entries will be automatically moved to a new date.

Classes are automatically transferred if the dog has only one class where it can compete for age. For example, a puppy dog goes to junior class. If your dog has the right to compete in more than one class or if you have any questions about other changes in the classes, you can contact

Change of judge

Markku Mähönen is unable to judge at the show, so the dogs assigned to him are judged by Riitta Lahtovaara.


Dogs entered for the original show day may be canceled until 31.5.2020. The registration fee will be reduced by € 5 handling fee upon return.

Send details of your entered dog, your contact information and account number and the receipt of original payment to the treasurer of our club,

Please visit the specialty show website and the facebook page of our club for more information.

Best regards,

Show committee of the Lapphund Club Of Finland

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