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Obedience trial and Spring Specialty Show 11.-12.3.2017 in Seinäjoki
Address: Hau Hau Champion Areena, Lakeuden Koiraurheilukeskus Oy, Bullerintie 40, 60200 Seinäjoki

Drive-in, Breeds of the Lapphund Club of Finland: Lapponian Herder, Swedish Lapphund, Finnish Lapponian Dog, Baby puppy class (5 to 7 months), Puppy class (7 to 9 months), Progeny group and Child & Dog

This is an outdoor event.

Please note that the owner will be charged a penalty fee of 5 € if a dog pees indoors in the Arena!

Show schedules

Saturday 11 March

Obedience trial


Hau Hau Champion Areena, Lakeuden Koiraurheilukeskus Oy, Bullerintie 40, 60200 Seinäjoki


Juha Kurtti


Saara Takku


1.2.2017-25.2.2017. Enter via email, or via the online entry system Virkku, using the password lappalaiskoira.

Entry fees:

Finnish Lapphund & Lapponian Herder and Swedish Lapphund 20 €. (over 8 years of age free of charge), Other breeds 28 €.

Entry fees to be paid to
IBAN: FI85 4924 0010 2151 63
Use the reference number 330
NB: Entries to the obedience trial should be paid to a different account than the show entries!

Information regarding the obedience trials:

Saara Takku
Tel. +358 400 664 702

Sunday 12 March

Spring Specialty Show


Closing date of entries: 20.2.2017. Send your entry to Lappalaiskoirien ER 2017, PL 50, FI-02771 ESPOO or via Internet:

Please direct enrollment enquiries to Showlink: tel. +358(9)8873 0320 or by email Open on weekdays 11-17 (Finnish time)

Other information in English - Annan information på svenska:
Karin Sundström

Entry fees:

Baby puppy class (5 to 7 months), Puppy class (7 to 9 months) & Veteran class 25 € (veterans over 10 years of age free of charge)
Any other classes 30 €
Second etc. dog of the same owner 25 €

Entry fees to be paid to Kiteen OP
IBAN: FI02 5153 0420 0577 90
Use the reference number 30009

Show judges:

Tuire Okkola

Lapponian Herder females and puppies
BOB Progeny group
BOB puppy

Tapio Kakko

Lapponian Herder males
BOB Veteran
BOB Breeder
Swedish Lapphund - all classes and competitions

Anneli Pukkila

Finnish Lapponian Dog females and puppies
BOB Puppy
BOB Veteran
BOB Progeny group

Eija Lehtimäki

Finnish Lapponian Dog males
BOB Breeder

Henna Pohjanoksa

junior handling

Group competitions:

Anneli Pukkila

BIS Puppy

Tuire Okkola

BIS Veteran

Tapio Kakko

BIS Breeder group
BIS Progeny group

Eija Lehtimäki



Book your accommodation at the latest 11.2.2017 with reference ”Lappalaiskoirien erikoisnäyttely”

Hotel Sorsanpesä
Törnäväntie 27, Seinäjoki
tel. +358 20 741 8181

Accommodation includes breakfast, sauna, internet and parking.

107 € double room/night/2 people
119 € single room/night
additional bed: 25 €/night
15 €/extra charge for dogs (no limitation regarding the number of dogs)

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